Cigna is committed to helping the people they serve improve their health, wellbeing and sense of security – with a focus on compliant solutions that protect you, your business and your people.

Cigna has four key differentiators that help them deliver on the promise to clients:

  • Delivering service excellence
  • Leading global network –CignaLinks relationships
  • Experts in compliance – examples: Middle East, Czech Republic, Austria and PPACA
  • Clinical support and wellbeing engagement – one of the key differences that sets Cigna apart is the integrated clinical support and broad focus on total population health and wellbeing
  • Experienced Client Management that know CEESA, their employees and to provide proper guidance and support every step of the way

Cigna is a full service health care company; not simply paying claims Cigna offers a solution that helps ensure access to affordable quality health care.

Real-time access and service to when and where you need us to be – boots on the ground, 24/7