Conference Presenters

Mark Overmeyer

Mark Overmeyer is a full time educational consultant from Denver, Colorado. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience, most of it in Cherry Creek Schools in Denver, Colorado.

He has worked as a classroom teacher in grades 2 through 8, a special education and Title I teacher, a coordinator for gifted programming, and as a literacy coordinator. For five years he co-directed the National Writing Project site at the University of Colorado at Denver, where he also worked for 7 years as an adjunct professor. Currently, Mark works full time supporting reading and writing workshops in schools around the US and internationally.

Mark’s book publications include When Writing Workshop Isn’t Working, What Student Writing Teaches Us, and his most recent title, Let’s Talk, which explores different methods for structuring talk in the writing workshop in order to increase student motivation and achievement.

Mark believes that professional development must engage teachers as both learners and as practitioners. In addition to supporting schools as they develop and sustain effective reading and writing workshop models, he has supported schools and districts in many other areas, including: effective models of instruction that meet the needs of diverse learners, formative assessment, standards-based reporting systems, building collaborative team cultures, and designing and implementing effective coaching models.

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