Conference Presenters

Katherine Sorrell and Alina Guzganu

Kate Sorrell - MYP /DP Teacher / Student Leadership and Empowerment Coordinator /Mother Tongue Coordinator at AIS Bucharest

As a language teacher, Kate has always been interested in the power of language. She is a secondary English language and literature teacher, with experience of teaching Grade 6 to Grade 12.

Currently, Kate is also the Student Leadership and Empowerment Coordinator and Mother Tongue Coordinator at the American International School of Bucharest, which is allowing her to explore how nurturing and recognizing multilingualism can really empower students and help develop community within classrooms and the school as a whole. Their school is on an exciting journey, where student leadership, innovation and voice is being encouraged, and therefore Kate is excited to be able to share and discuss what they are doing with colleagues at the CEESA conference.

Alina Guzganu – EAL Teacher and Mother Tongue Program Coordinator in ES at AIS Bucharest

Alina is passionate about learning new languages and exploring new cultures. Alina teaches EAL and she is the Mother Tongue Program Coordinator in the elementary school at AISB. In her current position, she has always tried to create a supportive, trusting, and respectful learning environment for students, teachers, and parents. Alina presented EAL and Mother Tongue Workshops to the faculty and to the parents’ community. She is a passionate advocate for the continuous development of a student’s mother tongue and very proud that at AISB they offer mother tongue classes in 12 languages as part of the after-school activities program.

Alina’s teaching emphasizes her passion for literacy and she is committed to using literature as a powerful vehicle for real learning and genuine understanding across the disciplines.

Alina feels honored to present at the CEESA conference in Prague and looks forward to a fantastic learning experience.