Conference Presenters

Siobhan Buckman and Jay Kuhlmann

Siobhan Buckman and Jay Kuhlmann – Tashkent International School

Siobhan Buckman was born in Devon, England, and although she is British in the bone she is Irish everywhere else. Siobhan was raised by her rather nomadic family in West Africa and then Greece, where she attended the British Embassy School in Athens. Even as an adult, Siobhan has not spent much time on British soil. Her husband and she have been educators in Tanzania and Uzbekistan for the past 17 years, where Siobhan have taught MYP Drama and DP theatre and directed productions for students of all ages.

Siobhan has a degree in Drama and English and a post graduate from The University of London but when she answers her own students' questions about a defining moment of theatre she attributes her real interest in theatre to a 1992 encounter with Complicite’s Street of Crocodiles -- a performance which opened her eyes to new possibilities for dramatic staging and approaches to text. Siobhan continues to be inspired by contemporary devised and movement performances from theatre and dance companies in the UK and across the world.


Jay Kuhlmann originally hails from Boston and has a home base in Charlottesville, Virginia. Currently, he is working in Uzbekistan at Tashkent International School where he has taught English Literature and Drama for the past 6 years. Over the years Jay has also worked in Jordan, Iraq, Poland and Brazil along with his wife and two sons.

His background is in visual art, philosophy and photography, and his first introduction to Theatre as an adult was as an artist working back in the 80s in a renovated Boston tenement building with some students of Tony Montanaro and the movers and shakers from the emerging city Arts scene.

His interests lies in student-devised work and in challenging the expectations often hung on The School Play. Jay works alongside the Arts team in Tashkent to help students genuinely identify themselves as writers, performers and theatre makers. He is part of a team that commits to exploring original theatre that comes from student writing, and often from wider areas of the curriculum.