Conference Presenters

Beata Rodlingova, Robert Bohat, Nina Horakova, Karel Zdarek

Robert Bohat

Robert has taught Biology, Earth Science, EAL and Academic Writing over the last 13 years at ISP. He is keen on discovery learning, data-driven critical thinking in science as well as humanities, including the application of corpus linguistics and its tools to academic language learning.

Beata Rodlingova

Beata has taught EAL and Czech Language and Culture at ISP over the past 12 years. Her background is in historical and formal linguistics, including corpus linguistics, and she likes to combine these with the principles of discovery learning to empower her students to be independent and resourceful lifelong learners.

Nina Horakova

Nina has taught EAL and Academic writing at ISP for the past 6 years. She is passionate about promoting student choice and individuality in and outside of classroom, empowering student leadership, efficacy and interdependence, and discovering language and communication patterns through various ways, such as the application of corpus linguistics.

Karel Zdarek

Karel joined ISP this August to teach EAL and academic writing. Simultaneously he teaches TEFL methodology at Charles University. He is keen on learning about the nature of learning in a multilingual environment and exploring effective strategies to help his students become successful language learners.