Invited Speakers

Susan Grant

Dr. Susan Grant holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, having trained at the University of Maryland, College park and the Graduate School of Medicine at the UMAB campus.

She specializes and did research in Neurolinguistics, the study of the relationship between brain and language development. She also has a Master of Science degree and Maryland license in Speech and Language Pathology.

Dr. Grant has been in private clinical practice for nearly 30 years, diagnosing and developing treatment plans for children with ASD, speech-language, reading and learning disabilities. Her staff of speech/language pathologists and psychologists implements treatment plans and provide ongoing therapy.

Dr. Grant was the founding Board member and Board president of a middle and high school, college preparatory program for students with learning disabilities. She lectures and has given many workshops nationally and internationally on the applicability of brain research to good teaching practice, language and reading acquisition, and learning disabilities. She is Chair of the Advisory Committee on Exceptional Children and Youth for the State Department Office of Overseas Schools. She serves on the Board of Trustees and Advisory Boards for several independent schools and Foundations.