Invited Speakers

Deb Wilenski

Deb Wilenski is a pedagogical consultant, educator, writer, and graphic designer working with Reflections Nursery and Forest School (West Sussex, UK) and Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (Cambridge, UK).

With a background in Biological Anthropology and the Arts, she is inspired by the preschools and infant-toddler centres of Reggio Emilia, the woodland nurseries of Scandinavia, and by projects which value children as radical makers of culture and meaning.

Deb works with educators and children through creative projects, pedagogical discussion, direct observation and documentation. She believes strong, creative, purposeful children need strong, creative, purposeful educators, and much of her work focusses on developing these qualities. She presents regularly at conferences and professional days in the UK and abroad.

Deb is the author of The Revolutionary Baby (with Laura Magnavacchi), The Fire Monster (with Laura Magnavacchi and Mandy Jenkins), 37 Shadows – Listening to children’s stories from the woods, and A Fantastical Guide to Hinchingbrooke Country Park (with Caroline Wendling). She is currently working on The Dark and Luminous Forest – Children’s explorations of light, sound and vision in the wild outdoors.