Challenge by Choice - MS Math by Dino Bajagilovic, Adrianne Marcich-Dumicic and Dino Rosenzweig

“Yeah...but how do I do that in math?” As two high school math teachers, this is what we often wondered as the push to increase inquiry and collaboration emerged.

However, as we have taken risks to reject common practices of math classrooms, our classrooms have become richer communities due to the greater potential for teachers to be facilitators of learning, and students to be at the center of their learning community.

During this session, we will explore some of the structures that have allowed our students to play, experiment, and collaborate within mathematics. For instance, we will share how different representations of data have empowered students with tools to share ideas more meaningfully and engage in more critical conversation and thinking.

Dino Bajagilovic, Adrianne Marcich-Dumicic and Dino Rosenzweig

Dino Bajagilovic, Adrianne Marcich-Dumicic and Dino Rosenzweig – AIS Zagreb Math Team.

Dino Bajagilovic has earned his MED and a Teaching Certificate from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. He has worked with youth and education for over 16 years, including as an Early Childhood Education Specialist and a Parent Educator in the US, and in overseas schools for 13 years. He has taught at the International School in Yerevan, Armenia; Jakarta International School, Indonesia; Colegio Maya, Guatemala; Cairo American College, Egypt and is currently at the American International School of Zagreb, Croatia. Dino believes in a learner-oriented classroom that uses technology, with a balance between traditional and 21st century methods. He gets to know his students so as to bring their knowledge and experience to the group, and tailors classes to their needs. He likes to build connections to what they already know – bringing math into the real world. He believes in challenging his students and encourages them to set ambitious goals. Outside of school, Dino enjoys traveling adventures with his family, cooking, and when possible, skiing. He spends time with his wife, Pamela, and 7th grade son, Luka.


Adrianne Marcich-Dumicic, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been teaching at the American International School of Zagreb for 30 plus years in various capacities. Her positions at the school have traversed between numerous elementary classrooms, EAL and Middle School math. Recently, she returned to Middle School where she teaches Math to grade 6-8 students, as well as Grade 9. She is excited to be part of a team implementing a differentiated math program –first entitled “Challenge by Choice,” and looks forward to sharing the program and her experiences with it in a workshop at the CEESA Conference in Prague.

Dino Rosenzweig has a BA from the University of Zagreb. He has worked in education for 6 years, Teaching IB mathematics as well as grades 6-10. He has taught in the American School of Zagreb for the past 6 years. Dino has believes in a tiered inquiry based approach to teaching mathematics, with a balance between traditional and 21st Century methods. His knowledge of applied Mathematics is useful for designing projects that allow students to experience the use of mathematics in a real world applied context.


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  • Timetable: Saturday, 10:15-11:15 Klementinum