Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny - From past to future. Designing the AISZ Learning Ecosystem by Paul Buckley

When our school is operating at its best, what does it sound like, look like and feel like?

As our school prepares to move into our new campus, the AISZ community used an Appreciative Inquiry based Community Summit to unpack the best we could be. All stakeholder groups were represented over one and a half days to Discover, Dream, Design, and live our Destiny and form our strategic direction.

We will explore the journey AISZ took from the community summit, discovering the essence of what we do best, to dreaming big, to completely redesigning learning and embark on our new destiny as a "concept school of the future".

This session is the first in a series of CEESA workshops this year and focuses on the overview of the one year journey since the last CEESA Conference in Sofia. We re-imagined and re-cultured our school utilizing research, Appreciative Inquiry and community aspirations.

Paul Buckley

Paul Buckley – Director of The American International School of Zagreb

Paul is currently director at The American International School of Zagreb. Previously, he was the an Elementary Principal at Jakarta Intercultural School. He has a long career in Australia, China, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

In 2012, Paul was the NAESP National Distinguished Principal representing the Office of Overseas Schools.

An outstanding administrator, with over 20 years of school leadership experience at all levels of pre-university learning, he specializes in international and cross-cultural contexts, with particular strengths in strategic planning, current assessment and curriculum design, including professional development theory and practice.

Paul conducted the Appreciative Inquiry Community Summit in March 2017 which led to the development of the new AISZ Learning Ecosystem, leveraging the qualities of the 52-year-old past into the shared vision of a concept school of the future. With a new campus building scheduled for completion in July 2018 a future focused learning paradigm needed to be developed.

Additional Info

  • Timetable: Friday, Session 3, 14:30-16:00 Congress Hall D