Empowering Students to Personalize their Own Learning by Jennifer Lathrop

This workshop aims to help teachers in designing a classroom environment that empowers students to personalize their own learning.

In today's education world, differentiation and personalized learning can be an overwhelming feat. When we give students the power to make their own decisions about learning, huge progress can be made. This workshop will show teachers tech tools and strategies for training students to become directors of their own learning.

Jennifer Lathrop

Jennifer Lathrop - The American International School of Zagreb

Jenny is an experienced international educator, having taught in six countries around the globe. She has taught a range of subjects and grade levels, including lower and upper primary and MYP Art. Jenny has strong knowledge of best practice in teaching and learning and has experience as a PYP Coordinator. She is involved with the IBO as an IB Workshop Leader and School Visit Team Member. Jenny also works as an instructor for a graduate school of education and hopes to inspire future educators.

Jenny is currently a 3rd grade teacher at the American International School of Zagreb. She is passionate about student empowerment and inquiry-based learning. Jenny enjoys collaborating with teachers across schools and building international communities.

Twitter: @Jenny_Lathrop


Additional Info

  • Timetable: Saturday, Session 5, 11:05-12:30 Vaclav