It’s a Small World After All: Using Technology for Global Collaboration by Debra Reymundo Atchison and Vlatka Butkovic

Perhaps the old song is right, “It’s A Small World After All!” Technology has a way of making our world seem so much smaller.

With the technology available, we are no longer confined by the four walls of our classrooms. Using readily available tools, you and your students can bring the world into your classes and truly be global learners. This session will focus on tools that will allow you and your students to connect, communicate, collaborate and actually understand fellow learners from all over the globe. Learning alongside students and teachers from around the globe not only makes the world smaller, but also a more peaceful place as well.

Debra Reymundo Atchison

Debra Reymundo Atchison is an enthusiastic and engaging trainer.

After leaving her position of Director of Technology Professional Development with a large school district in the Dallas, Texas area she began her own Educational Technology Consulting business, Deb Atchison Consulting, LLC.

Debra is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and a G Suite Certified Administrator. Debra has set up and managed GAfE Domains, large and small. She has managed domains with well over 55,000+ users. She has worked in education for over 25+ years and earned her Master’s degree online in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University.

She has led large school districts to numerous successes through her school, district, state and international technology leadership. Debra was the personal homeschool teacher for celebrity Eddie Murphy’s own children. She has written, designed and taught online courses for K-12 and Higher Ed. Debra is also the co-founder of EdChange Global and EdChange Global Classrooms. Both are 24-hour online learning experiences for teachers and students around the globe with over 1,200 classrooms from 60 countries participating in the last event.

Vlatka Butkovic

Vlatka Butkovic - Founder of the Centre of Innovative Education

Vlatka holds a Masters Degree in Art History and in English Language and Literature from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

She has been the Director and ESL teacher in Language School Butković for over 20 years. Vlatka runs a team of 10 language teachers and numerous associates, managing the duties as a principal, a curriculum designer, trainer and mentor.

Her field of study in the recent years has been the synergy of Classroom Communication and Instructional Technology with the aim to help students recognize the purpose of learning. Having understood the neglected needs of every individual student in the current teaching practice, Vlatka developed the Butković method™, a set of highly adaptable elements of teaching for any classroom regardless of the Subject.

In 2015, the Butkovic Language School grew into the Butkovic Education Centre with the goal to provide a platform for teachers and educators in Croatia and internationally, to exchange knowledge, teaching resources, ideas and good teaching practice. Vlatka holds workshops for schools and universities implementing effective solutions in every-day classrooms and curriculum. She also assists Social Services in helping children from troubled families to open up and connect with their peers.

Since 2016 Butkovic Education Centre published a series of interactive textbooks for ESL learners, FAIL FORWARD IN READING 1-4, FAIL FORWARD IN GRAMMAR Starter-4 and A CUP OF ENGLISH 1-4 authored by Vlatka Butković and her colleague and dear friend, Anita Poljak.

In 2017 Vlatka became a member of the organizing team of EdChange Global, an international group of educators and learning enthusiasts who recognized the potential of social media tools in learning and sharing knowledge all over the world. Vlatka’s designed ECG’s new website and is connecting teachers in Europe with teachers around the world through ECG.

Vlatka’s love for web-design and media marketing keeps her finger on the pulse of change and helps her continuously adapt her method to the new generations. She also sings jazz and blues and knits. Her long time dream is to illustrate and publish story books she’d written inspired by her kids.


Additional Info

  • Timetable: Friday, Session 3, 14:30-16:00 Helena I