Empowered Learners by Tim Stuart

This Pre-Conference Workshop will present a clear and concise case for transforming the current educational paradigm in order to future-proof our students.

Dr. Stuart will discuss how schools can take the next step in the journey: to become highly effective and learning-progressive schools where student master the guaranteed and viable curriculum while personalizing their learning and cultivating the skills and dispositions to help them become future ready, lifelong learners.

This workshop makes the case for change and introduces the concepts of personalized learning and student agency through a researched based framework and gives a structure for a thoughtful release of teacher-control based on desired learning outcomes.

This workshop will be useful for all successful international schools looking for ways to empower students to truly own and personalize their learning. Additionally, this workshop will give progressive and innovative schools structures to ensuring that all students learn at high levels with measurable results.

We will have time for your own personalized inquiry process that will help you own your professional learning journey and develop and plan for action in your school. This will be done by asking and answering these questions for your-selves.

  • The Learning Target - What am I inspired to know and be able to do?
  • The Evidence of Learning - What are we already doing that aligns with this paradigm? What would change in my school and professional experience if we further embraced and implemented it?
  • The Learning Pit - What obstacles would we face if we were to try or to further this approach? What strategies could we use to get out of the learning pit?
  • The Lever - What would we need to accelerate the change process?

Timothy Stuart

Dr. Tim Stuart is the Head of School at the International Community School of Addis Ababa.

Previously, Tim served as the Executive Director of Strategic Programs at Singapore American School. In this role, Tim was the chief architect for research and development and strategic school reform. He is the former High School Principal of Singapore American School where he led his division through multiple successful change initiatives, culminating in its recognition as a PLC exemplar school. Tim also served as the High School Principal of Jakarta International School. He has been an international and cross-cultural educator for 25 years serving schools in Ethiopia, Turkey, Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, and on the Navajo reservation in the United States.

Dr. Stuart is the co-author of Making Personalized Learning Possible, Solution Tree 2018. He is the editor and contributing author to the anthology Global Perspectives: Professional Learning Communities at Work in International Schools, published by Solution Tree in 2016. He is a contributing author to It’s About Time, Planning Interventions and Extensions in Secondary Schools, published by Solution Tree in 2015. He is the co-author of the books Children At Promise and Raising Children At Promise, published by Jossey-Bass in 2003 and 2005. Dr. Stuart’s research and writing reflects his passion for creating optimal school environments so that all kids can learn at high levels.

Tim holds an Ed.D. from Seattle Pacific University, an M.Ed from The College of New Jersey, and a B.A. from Wheaton College. Tim grew up and attended national and international schools in France, and Germany.